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Cleaning Prices (as low as):
Hand Guns: $40.00
Long Guns: $55.00
Guns w/rust: $75.00

Pistol Sight Install (as low as):
Front only: $20.00
Rear only: $30.00
Front and Rear: $40.00
With purchase of Night-Sights: $20.00

Scope Mounting (as low as):
Full Mounting (base/rings/scope): $50.00
Boresight (laser): $10.00
Boresight (optical): $20.00

Machining Work (as low as):
Man Hours: $40.00 hourly
Man + Machine: $50.00 hourly

Miscellaneous Repairs:
Simple: $20.00
Hourly: $40.00

Prices for all other gunsmithing services to be determined.